Tumbling Training Classes and Skills at Tumble Tech

Tumble Tech strives to be a place of growth and positivity for kids and athletes of all ages. Our coaching staff made up of elite level, USAG Credentialed Coaches, Credentialed Personal Trainers, and Licensed counselors will provide you with the knowledge and encouragement you need to progress in Aerial Sports, Power Tumbling, and Competitive Cheerleading.

Intro To Tumbling

Starting at Age 5, this class is perfect for beginners! We focus on the fundamentals of tumbling, including proper body alignment and placement, while strengthening core muscles and increasing flexibility. We strongly recommend that all new student athletes begin at this level.
Skill Focus:
  • Forward/Backward Roll
  • Handstand
  • Cartwheel/Round-Off
  • Front Walkover
  • Back Walkover


This Class will begin incorporating skills that are fast paced and dynamic. A strong understanding of basics is necessary to ensure athlete safety and confidence as we progress! Lots of skill breakdowns and drills will be used to make sure athletes fully grasp the skill and execute it well!
Skill Focus:
  • Standing Backhandspring
  • Round-Off Backhandspring
  • Standing Series (Multiple)
  • Round-Off Series (Multiple)
  • Front Handspring

Tucks, Pikes, Layouts

At this level we will begin introducing free-flipping skills and their various body positions (Tucked, Piked, Straight). Drills and skills are essential at this level, as there are crucial parts of the skill that are essential in order to progress (strong rebound, head in, etc.)
Skill Focus:
  • Back Tuck
  • Back Pike
  • Back Straight (Layout)
  • Front Tuck
  • Front Pike
  • Standing Back Tuck

Fulls & Doubles

Once athletes have a thorough understanding of free-flipping skills, the next step is to begin adding twists! We will introduce twists in 180 degree turns to help athletes fully grasp flipping and twisting simultaneously.
Skill Focus:
  • Back 1/2
  • Back Full
  • Back 1 1/2
  • Back Double Full
  • Barani (Front 1/2)
  • Front Full
  • Rudy (Front 1 1/2)
  • Front Double Full


Tumbling Class: $80/Monthly with (1) 60-Minute Class per Week.
Registration: $25/Annual Fee
Currently we do not offer any Sibling/Multiple Class Discounts!